How to Create a fake virus to prank your friends

This video in the Pranks & Cons category will show you how to create a non-destructive fake virus on Windows. This video is from Tinkernut. For this right click on your desk top, go to new and select shortcut. Now type in this code 'shutdown 's 't 60 'c "this computer is shutting down; save your work", click next. This code is actually for shutting down the computer. But, you type in the name of the short cut as something else, say for example 'songs ' and click next. What will happen is when someone clicks on the icon to start the card game, it will come up with a box with the message "this computer is shutting down; save your work", and when the timer runs out (60 seconds), it will actually shut down the computer. That's it! Watch the video for more tips.


i hate shutdown viruses......................''~

but i want to create a fake windows folder deleting...

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