How To: Make a fake virus that shuts down a friend's computer

Make a fake virus that shuts down a friend's computer

This video shows you how to make a fake "virus" that shuts down the computer of your victim when they open it. This video also shows you how to email or AIM this prank virus to a friend.

If you need clear-cut instructions on performing this computer prank, then this is the video to watch. It shows you how to get this fake virus working, step-by-step, so your unsuspecting prey will accidently shut down there computer unknowing that it is not a real virus, but a fake one.

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i want to hacker
can u help me

I'd liked to know the artist of the music
played in the video

Email me at

If you save back-up of all the desktop shortcuts somewhere you can replace them with the shut down icons. You can also do a a screen capture and make a non-functioning tool bar to make the person try one of the icons.

hi Orangechaser123 did you get the video?if yes can you send also to plsss...

This is good viedo for me.I really want to know more about to make viruses,how to habdle it.

So cool this is like beast I would do this like a long time to all my friends

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