How To: Play the Google language computer prank on a coworker

Play the Google language computer prank on a coworker

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to play the Google language computer prank on a coworker. Change your colleague's Google settings with this easy prank, and watch their head spin!

You Will Need

* Your coworker's unattended and unlocked computer
* An internet connection

Step 1. Click "Preferences"

On your coworker's computer, go to and click on "Preferences," located to the right of the search box.

Step 2. Select search language

In the "Search Language" section to view language options, including French, Japanese, and Arabic. Select Estonian.

For extra fun, set the "Interface Language" to Klingon.

Step 3. Click "Save Preferences"

Click "Save Preferences." Google search results will now be displayed in the Estonian language.

Step 4. Have fun at your coworker's expense

Return to your desk, and laugh maniacally as your coworker struggles to understand their search results. Joke's on them!

FACT: In 1984, Caltech students hacked into the the Rose Bowl's scoreboard, posting a fake "Caltech 31, MIT 9" football score.

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Wow, so creative and original. (sarcasm)

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