How To: Make a prank envelope using rattlesnake eggs

Make a prank envelope using rattlesnake eggs

Using a paper clip and rubber band, you can rig a trick envelope to prank your friends.

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this is stupide we don't have rattel snake eggs in the nz do your resurch thats elegil dick

You are the dick, applesrule. If you even watched the video he doesn't use real rattlesnake eggs, he uses a piece of a paper clip that spins inside the envelope. That's what makes it sound like a rattlesnake. So it seems you're the one who needs to do some reasearch by watching this video. Good job, you made yourself look like a complete moron by making that comment.

And learn how to spell.

OMG A BUSH JOKE!!!! wow that was soo funny, man im so glad that u had a bush joke in there, no one makes those..... if lots of people did, it would get annoying eventually wouldnt it?


Rattlesnakes are not oviparous, so all yall are retarded

Thank you for posting this! I needed it for my Sunday School class. (I'd say many of these commenters should attend.) Not only was it helpful, I enjoyed the humor.

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