How To: Make a Yes/No Question Error Message

Make a Yes/No Question Error Message

This article will teach you how to make an error similar to this one (also by me). This error message though, is a yes or no question. Clicking yes and no will give different results. Like the previous error message, this is 100% harmless.

  • Works only on windows.
  • Notepad is needed.

Step 1 Typing The Code

Open a new notepad document and type in the following:

a=msgbox("Yes or No question goes here" , 4+16 , "Box/Window name")

if a = vbyes then

b=msgbox("If yes is clicked" , 0+16 , "Box/Window name")


c=msgbox("If no is clicked" , 0+16 , "Box/Window name")

end if

  • Double spacing is not needed, but it helps make it easier to read.
  • Double spacing does not affect the outcome. 

How to Make a Yes/No Question Error Message

Step 2 Adding in the Question and Responses

This step might be a bit confusing, so be patient.

  • Simply fill in the spaces with what they say they are for. 
  • For Example, where it says "Yes or No question goes here," you put in the question. 
  • For "If yes is clicked," you put what it would say if the person clicks yes.
  • For "If no is clicked," you put what it would say if it the person clicks no.

How to Make a Yes/No Question Error Message

Step 3 Saving the File

Save this file as:


You can replace "filename" with whatever you'd like. Just be sure to save it as a .vbs file.

Step 4 Result

Double click the file to open it. This is an example of what it looks like. 

  • I've drawn arrows to show what pops up when yes and no are clicked.
  • What actually happens is, the first message is replaced by the new one when Yes or No is clicked. 

How to Make a Yes/No Question Error Message

Step 5 How to Prank Someone With This

Here's how you can prank someone with this neat little trick. These steps are the same as my previous article

1. Put the fake virus file on a flash drive. Then, plug it in to a friend's computer.

2. Go to their desktop and right click anywhere. A list of options will pop up.

3. Select "New" then "Shortcut"

4. It will then prompt you to selct a file to make a shortcut to.

5. Click "Browse" and find your flash drive. It will be under "Computer".

6. Open it and select the fake virus and click OK.

7. Click "next", then "Finish".

8. On the desktop, right click the icon. Select "properties" from the list.

9. Then click on the "Change Icon" button near the bottom. Look for and select the Internet Explorer icon. Click "OK".

10. Now rename the file to "Internet"

11. Delete their other Internet icon and replace it with the error message one. (Which now looks just like the Internet icon.)

When your friend clicks the icon wanting to surf the web, he will receive your fake error message instead.

To get the real Internet icon back, simply restore it from the recycle bin.

If a Real Error Message Pops Up...

If something like this pops up instead of your fake error, try these tips.

How to Make a Yes/No Question Error Message

  • Make you sure copied everything correctly.
  • There is a space before and after both commas.
  • Make sure you saved the file as .vbs
  • Do not remove the quotation marks when you type in your question and responses; box/window name.
  • To edit the file, right click it, and select edit.


  • Do not E-Mail these types of files; they can be mistaken for a real virus.
  • Only use this on people you know. Do Not E-Mail These!

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I put this on my brother's computer and he went crazy. Haha.
Great article!

how come you cant change the icon??

lol just move the .vbs file to sm safe place and make a shortcut or the .vbs file and sipmly customise the icon and move to the desktop...

this didnt work i typed it in correctly then what do you double click?

After typing everything in on Notepad, do not save the file as a .txt
Instead, save it as a .vbs by adding .vbs to the end of the name of the file when you first save it. For example, Filename.vbs

This will not work if you add the .vbs to the name after saving the file. It has to be done when you first save it.

When you save it, save it somewhere where you can easily find it, such as your desktop. The icon should be, by default, a white page with a light blue S inside. This is the icon you double click to start the script.

I wonder if you can use a b and c again or if you use d e and f if you want to continue the chain

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