How To: Grow grass in someone’s keyboard

Grow grass in someone’s keyboard

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11:38 AM Ryan: you wanna know the chemistry behind why you put the plastic over the keybord?
11:40 AM me: haha
11:41 AM its the green house effect.. they plastic hold the moisture and the plants produce the carbon dioxide ... something like that?
hit me
12 minutes
11:54 AM Ryan: Well not at first. The heat energy joules, the reason you eat seeds and the same energy your body burns when you eat the seeds, is only released when you add water to a seed. This process is called imbibition, when you add water to a dormant seed. The heat dispersed by the keybord and the water start a process called germination. First a seed must germinate before it becomes a plant. During germination the plant's cotyledons, first leaves, escape the seed coat, the stuff you spit out when you have sunflower seeds, thus exposing the necessary leaf tissue to photosynthesize, thats another lesson for later, and expel CO2 and THEN begin the greenhouse process


I thought plants breathe CO2 and expel oxygen (which we like to breathe). The plastic helps keep the humidity high.

wtf.....the only reason u would do this is if u had alot of time on ur hands....get a life

Wow, YOU'RE friendly.

does the keyboard still work?

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