News: Rick Roll

Rick Roll

Puzzled? We were too, when Bryan here at Wonder'HowTo punked us-- hiding this 80's music video in an email entitled 'WonderHowTo on Colbert Report'. Doh! Totally fell for it! Twice.

Sorry Rick Astley, your 'classic' music video is now more torture than art.

We've riffled through dozens of videos claiming to be HowTo's, only to be RickRolled time after time. Til now!

Thanks to our good friends at VideoJug for having scientifically broken down this meme.

Click to play Rick Roll video (will open in new window).

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I was actually just Rick Rolled yesterday.

hah, yeah... gotta love them rickrolls.

Never gonna give them up!

I am rick roll!


Do they stupid?

omg i love rick roll

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