How To: Make a folder invisible and hide it for a computer prank

Make a folder invisible and hide it for a computer prank

The My Computer section of most PC computers is an absolute mess, especially if you're trying to navigate someone else's computer. Why not take advantage of this fact by pulling this awesome prank on one of your data-loving friends? The video above will show you how to make a folder invisible and then hide it on their computer, making the chances of them finding it without knowing that you've pranked them slim to none. Just make sure you're there to watch you victim freak out afterwards! That's the fun part.

From the creator:

If you have a Windows Vista Do NOT try do make an invisible folder because you can not remove it. If you know how to, send me a message.
Update 13 Feb 2009: If you wanna get rid of the folder download Winrar or Winzip and then right click on the invisible folder and click "add to archive...". After that's done click on the option "delete files after archiving" and the invisible folder will delete it self. Then go ahead and delete the Zip/Rar folder and every thing's all set. :D

If u dont have a numpad then go to "Start" and click on "all programs" then go to "accesories" and click on "system tools" and pick "Character map" and look around and choose one of the letters that's blank. Not all of them works... Then just copy it and paste in the folder.

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