How To: Pull Fake Adult Website Prank

Pull Fake Adult Website Prank

The Fake Adult Website Prank is an incredible trick if you happen to have the necessary access and work in the internet industry. Luckily, I had both. 

The objective of this prank is to fool your boss or co-workers into thinking you've accidentally sold out the site to a adult advertiser. 

How it works is simple: load a couple of outrageous NSFW JPGs into your site's ad slots. Target only your boss and it will appear that you are running these heinous ads to your real users. 

Step 1 Access Ad Server & Check Targeting Settings

How to Pull Fake Adult Website Prank

It is important that you have access to your website's ad server. More importantly is that you can target ads either by IP or specific registered users. The trick with the adult website ads, is that they are only supposed to show to your boss. The last thing you need is nakedness being broadcast to your legitimate customers!

Step 2 Find Some Fake Adult Ads

How to Pull Fake Adult Website Prank

This quite an easy step. Using GIFs makes the ads look especially skeevy. There are plenty of NSFW photos in Google Image search as well. Just make sure you connect a good clickthrough URL with the ad, in case people start investigating. Popular choices: HollyMadison, RedTube, BangBus.... The possibilities are endless, really. 

Step 3 Launch the Campaign

If you are not absolutely careful on this step, you could easily (and completely justifiably) lose your job. Chances are, your website lives off its advertising revenue. Nothing can kill revenue more than assaulting your customers with looping video of Meatspin. Be cautious. 

Step 4 Make the Sell

With the adult ads targeting only your boss' account, you need to have some explanations up your sleeve. The best way to turn the tables is to blame it on him. Behavioral Targeting and Cookie-based ads are the perfect excuse. 

Yes, adult ads are definitely not cool, no matter where they came from, but making it look like your boss was targeted specifically by technology out of your control really helps add to the hysteria.

Step 5 Confess

This can go one of two ways. Be mindful of the temperature of the situation. Don't let it get to the point where your job was in jeopardy because then... the pranks on you.

Confessing to a prank doesn't have to be a whole GOT YOU! thing, but seeing the look on their face when they realize they've been duped should not be missed. 

Happy Pranking!!! 

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