How To: Prank hack a computer mouse

Prank hack a computer mouse

This video tutorial demonstrates a mouse-hacking simple prank sure to annoy any friend or colleague. To replicate this hack, you'll need a mouse and a musical key chain. The steps are roughly as follows: First, open up the mouse. Looking inside, find and remove the scroll wheel, then pull out the mouse's old cable. Take a musical key chain and open it up. Find the musical module with two red LEDs. Carefully glue them to the right-click. Then put the LEDs where the mouse's laser is before fitting the electronic innards back into the case. For more information on this simple hack, including a video walkthrough of all of the above steps, take a look!

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Cool, except you'd probably owe one pissed off co-worker a new mouse.

When he cut off the head! =(

F for fail



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