How To: Make a keylogger

Make a keylogger

This video tutorial instructs you on what a key logger is and how to make a key logger which records your computers key strokes for later review. There are software or hardware based key loggers that intercept the connection between the keyboard and computer. Hardware key loggers consists of a micro controller for data logging. Software key logger is a script that runs in the background then processes and saves the key strokes to a text file. To make a key logger you'll need to know a programming language. For this instance, Python is used. Download and install Python, Pyhook and Pywin32 from the given URLs. Launch the Python GUI and open a new window as shown and import the necessary modules. Key in the programing code and save to the C: drive as instructed. Start typing and use 'control+E' to stop the key logger. Open the key logger text file and see what was typed.

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