How To: Pull the Smoking Keyboard prank

Pull the Smoking Keyboard prank

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There any way to make it NOT break the keyboard?

Well not that I know of but im sure some kid that spends his days with test tubes trying to make the next youth potion will come up with i.

Thats just destruction of public property. Unless its your own, then you have to buy a new keyboard

Monneyman3: There any way to make it NOT break the keyboard?
Yeah, use poppers instead. Less smoke, more noise, and less damage in the end. I'd still recommend a cleanup afterwords.

really , if it did'nt destroy the keyboard it be cool , but stupid if you have to pay for the keyboard

I did it with a working cheap ona and it worked good.But it caught on fire and my mom got reallllllly mad!

wow, more ways to ENDANGER OUR SELVES....YEAH, SMOKIN.


ahaha this is great

yay. all we need no is to set our 1000 dollar computer on fire. yay.

just use the #$%@ from the smoking fingers video

im sooo doing that in computer class

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