How To: Make people naked with Photoshop

Make people naked with Photoshop

Make people naked using Photoshop. Find out how to make clothes see-through by watching this video tutorial!! No need to rely on an atrophied imagination to undress anybody, the magic of Photoshop can make your most perverted dreams come true. Undress Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera in more places than just your mind! Watch this video and learn how to apply that xray effect in Photoshop.

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Hah, this is funny.


It is even easier. You just have to access and they will remove the clothes from any picture you send them. So no need to learn any photoshop trick.

how long does it take for them 2 send back your pic

I sent them once one picture, and I got it undressed in 3 days

lol.. doesnt work if they have bras on.

i think this video is good

how desperate must u be to go through all that FOR A TIT!

watch some porn...

u r truly a perverted man

Desperate boobslovers...O_o

the video camera one is more interesting
to the point you may be required to show ID when buying certain cameras
they're trying to screen out creeps

which version is this exactly?

You can make any picture a naked picture with the software at

You can use GIMP(free) instead of photoshop. Use color filter setting. WOrks best with white t-shirts. har har

wheres the color filter for GIMP?

how do u use GIMP? does it work with bathing suits? and what is the color filter setting?

i can not get this to work, i have two pictures that i want to do this to. can anyone help me out?

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ilove you

Hmmmmmh i like it alot...can someone show me how please

hihihi it a million times!!!!!!!!

Hey, umm email me. Or say something Im only 19 come to me!

wtf its not #$%@in working

damn... this sucks.. looks like a photo negative...

its ight. nothin to great.

haha u seady little #$%@

Who knew you could do such things!?

I wonder if I can make Cinderella naked?

182 million porn sites and you're doing this stupidity!!

say the right things and she'll peel that top off. selah


dont u have the internet

hey whats up

Its quite sad that anyone would do that...

says a person who needs tutorials to make her man happy

Says a person who gets tutorials from HIS mother to make HIS man happy

You're pretty f***in hott

wowwwwwwwwwwwww...boob lady ..........

it was straight, I thought it would b better tho.

great if you wanna humiliate somebody

i dun think that's gonna happen unless that person doesn't wear bras all the time

lol it funny ;)

Luv BOOBS, Luv Photoshop, pron is pron, but this is also fun in a different way, cool tut.

Pron is Pron? It's PORN jackass, and this isn't it...what kindof low life does this to get to take a look at tits anyway...damn, idiots.

Clearly you sir know nothing:

think twice before you type and you might not end up looking like a JACKASS gonkgongky - damn idiot!

can you use gimp help me

haha kick ass dude this is awesome.

how do u make it more clear?

Will this work if they are wearing a lead bra?

Ewww your creepy looking! Grose! You probably rushed to get a picture of a twelve year old and put it on photoshop huh you sicko!!!

great tutorial

:D ... its great works art.. :D
nice technic

im downloading d photoshop now just because of ds one

i downloaded adobe just 4 ds ill look at d boobs of my clasm8

Wow its cool. Email me.

hey jaajaa do you hav a friendster acnt ?

help me out dude....hw do u edit pics usin photo-shop?....


really works


dude do u hav nothin else in ur life to be doin....nah me neither, this is cool

So this is what guys do all day!

im a horny 12 year old and i need a free way to see people naked,

omg me two and this is awsome!! hell yes i LOVE BOOBIES, TITS AND VIGINAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Tip for ladies and gay guys: This doesn't work on mens cocks.

how would u know that?

it doesnt #$%@in work !

im a horny 24 year old and i need a free way to see people naked,

Your on the internet right now arent u?

You have got to be kidding me. The person who made this video is, oh I don't know, 12 years old? This is how you get your jollies? You are a simpleton and a moron. Grow up. And, for all the commenters: Grow up.

It's very encouraging to see all of you invalidate the theory of evolution. There's no evolution, only horny toads.

Freakin' losers...

hey how did you get in here to comment? i think you had to click on the video to do so. so why do you think you so different? you must have been wanting to see the video.


1. Get off the computer
2. Go out into what I like to call "the real world"
3. Grab at least one 4-leaf clover...(A DEFINATE MUST!)
4. Get a partner
5. Then wait until she/he takes either their clothes/your clothes off.
6.Remove clothes remaining
AND Voilà! Not only one but TWO naked people!!!!! Hold your applause til the end of the show...freakin losers

haha every1 watchin this is a pervert, but WTF BOOBS ARE BOOBS!!!!

has it eva crossd ur mind dat u myt b a perve urself?....hahaha...

cn sum1 teach me hw 2 use a photoshop....?....

#$%@in disgusting and stupid. Thanks. Now I know to always wear a dark colored bra for all my Myspace pics.

Expose them camwhores' titties!

Every photo is a reminder of the past, live for the future.

mane....i cant even see da video....i know i stay on photoshop designing and doing artwork...and modifiying pictures....but i would love to view your technique and maybe other techniques on photoshop you me at

holy #$%@ thats scary,i dant wanna see boobs in negative it will make it look like a zombies boobs

UMM... how do u know what zombies boobs look like?

i cant believe your that desperate for some nippels? wow

Hey, I am not getting it.. can u mail me the commands? to

Now I have wasted a full minute of my life that I'll never get back watching that crap. Dude go find the sears catalog and look at the under wear section.

wait, sears has a catalog with wemon in underware SWEET! BOO YAH!

I want my three minutes and one second back you #$%@!+*!

is this downloaded or just the site

This does work but so retarded. Out of all Photoshop can do you show this. It's softcore at best if even that. If i wanted to see boobies so bad I would just look at mine but of course I don't wanna see any that bad.

Has it ever crosed yours minds(everyone above me) that this guy who made thsi video simply made this video for popularity or just plain comments and views to have a title in this website.Realy i know im not one to talk because i came to this video as well..but i came to see if this was real..but um ho the h3ll would waste there time trying to use photo shop to look at someone naked when u can do it threw porn sites.Thsi guy knows that thsi video makes no scence an i bet u that h just made it for popularity.

Join rumble fighter :D

Also add Tasolo after u join :D

where can i get photoshop for FREEE?
please message me with the answer

You can download photoshop in internet

for anyone who thinks this is friken magic their dumbasses. its just basically chaning how the lighting of a picture is. JUST TAKE A NUDE PICTURE OF A CHICK AND POST IT MIGHT AS WELL.

lol #$%@ this wont work for bra wearing people.

Why don't you just use the "Remove Clothing" filter in Photoshop?

i though he's gonna reconstruct the whole boobs n pussy area digitally... just lame..

it dont work ive tryed different pics this video is bull

Does it work if they wear white bra

funny and very cool!!!

very nice but could not download pls can any one say how to download this video

very god program i try to find so many website canot get it.

i try to donwload so many website if this can work will be best. thanks

look all u people saying to go on porn, u know how many girls arent in porn?? maaaad sexy ones. wanna see there tits? do this

how come i cant see it
post how 2 do it in this comment

hey bro please tell me the version you're using to do this.....................

what can we use instead of photoshop

wao i love it............AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA

I can't see it . Why?

this is a hard way of doing it, there are simpler tutorials here at, think you can request on the forum aswell.

but hey man! the boobs were visible in the beginning he just changed the lightning and shadows. it wont work if the nipple isnt visible in the beginning.

i want software that can make photo naked

hi friends i hve photos of myself anyone wana see me without clothes?

how to donwload this sorfware?

false flesh is a scam

Does this really work. How do i download it which version of Photoshop is it?

this is some old stuff I got windows 8 how the h-ll am I suppose to do this

i want to make a pic how can i?

how do i get to do this i really need some one to assist me on will be nice if i see some one to put me through.

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